The Squash Bay of Plenty region extends from Taupo in the South, to Katikati in the North, and includes Putaruru in the West, across to Whakatane in the East.  We have 17 clubs across the region who all welcome new players offering attractive membership options and fantastic programs for all levels of player. 

If you are interested in playing squash at any level, contact your local club today!  See our Clubs page for details.

In 1971 the Bay of Plenty Squash Rackets Association was formed and operated on a delegate based committee system.

Strategic Outcomes
Organisation Management - To operate at all times within the rules of a current constitution that is effective and transparent, and to conduct ourselves in a way that ensures the board achieves the best possible outcomes for BOP Squash.

Squash Success - To ensure that the BOP board has the resources to deliver the strategic plan to its primary stakeholders.

Participation Growth - To ensure that BOP Squash has a full time coach force officer so that the BOP Squash primary stakeholders (the players and coaches) have the best opportunity to enjoy, improve and develop in the game of squash.  To improve the overall numbers of participants in the game of Squash.

Club Support - To ensure that as one of the primary stakeholders of BOP Squash – that all clubs are fully engaged and supported by the BOP Squash Board, and conversely the clubs are engaged and support the BOP Squash Board.  That all clubs understand the value that the BOP Board bring to clubs by providing an open and transparent framework that supports the development and success of individual clubs and individuals within that club

Financial Health - To ensure that BOP Squash is financially viable and financially sustainable – so as to continue to develop the game of squash in the BOP not only for today but for future years.

Life Members
Mr R B Clarke  Appointed 1976
Mr W R Murphy  Appointed 1980
Mr K Treloar  Appointed 1984
Mrs L Smith  Appointed 1985
Mr N Munro  Appointed 1985
Mr R Carter  Appointed 1996
Mr G Bowden  Appointed 2007
Mr S Morrison  Appointed 2007
Mr A Brownrigg  Appointed 2013
Mr W Wills  Appointed 2013
Mr W Werder  Appointed 2024
Mr R Wyatt  Appointed 2024

Mr R B Clarke    1972-1976
Mr K R Treloar    1977-1978
Mr N Munro    1979-1981
Mr T McQueen    1982-1984
Mr B Callinan     1985
Mr J Lambly    1986-1987
Mr R Carter    1988-1990
Mr C Blanchard    1991-1992
Mrs S Trumper    1993-1995
Mr C Blanchard    1996-1997
Mr A Holmes    1998-1999
Mr G Utteridge    1999-2002
Mr A Brownrigg    2003-2015
Ms V Beker  2015-2020
Ms K Cox 2020-present 

Secretaries/Administration Officers
Mr W R Murphy  1972-1976
Mr P D Little        1977-1978
Mrs L Horgan      1979-1981
Mrs S Trumper    1982-1983
Mrs K Kernot       1984-1990
Mrs H Lipski        1991
Mrs D Russell      1992-1996
Mrs A Townsend  1997-2000
Mrs L Taylor         2000-2001
Mrs L Burt            2002-2008
Mrs J Randolph   2008-2012
Mr M Niles           2013-2021
Mrs R Glenton     2021-present
Mr S Niles            2022-2023

Sport Development Officers
Ms K Read  2001
Mrs C Te Kani-McQueen  2002-2009

Mrs D Russell  1996
Mr K Kiwara  1997-2012
Mr M Niles  2013-2014
Mr D Jensen  2015-present

District Coach/CoachForce Officer
Mr R Wyatt  2007-present

Squash BOP Board

Kelly Cox
Email Kelly

Treena Braithwaite
Email Treena

Michelle Oldfield
Email Michelle

Helen Hodge
Email Helen

Mike Hebditch
Email Mike

Sam Niles
Email Sam

Kelly King
Email Kelly

Squash BOP Staff

General Manager
Rebecca Glenton
027 280 0103 

Coaching Director
Robbie Wyatt
0274 671 918

BOP District Statistician
David Jensen
022 133 0807




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