Competitive squash in New Zealand is underpinned by the grading list resource. The grading list gives a grade to every squash player in New Zealand, and monitors their progress relative to other players.

In 2024 Squash New Zealand introduced a new grading list/ rating system, SquashLevels, integrated with the existing NZ grading system. The familiar A1, A2, B1, B2 grading structure remains intact, but a shift in how players transition between these Grades.

  • Instead of relying on the allocation of points after each match, movement between Grades will now be determined by changes in player’s ‘Level’ using the advanced SquashLevels rating algorithm. Adjustments to Levels after each match will be based on expected result, placing more emphasis on performance rather than only on the outcome of the match.

  • SquashLevels is widely acknowledged as the ‘world's most accurate rating system’. By implementing this system, we are aligning our approach with other nations, such as Australia and England, allowing for accurate level comparison against players from other countries.

  • Any member can enhance the range of analytic features by upgrading their membership on SquashLevels.

Players will need a MySquash account to access the grading list and be officially graded. See below for options

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Current Members: Sign in here

MySquash Competitions (formally known as iSquash): Sign in here

Read more about all system changes at the Future of Squash Microsite

Grading Bands below correct as of March 2024


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