Squash Bay of Plenty has a robust Performance program that encompasses our elite players at all age groups.  

The Performance program has been modeled around a philosophy that unites all players, coaches, administrators and clubs in working towards a common purpose. Integration of effort, knowledge and funding is of paramount importance.  

The aim of the Performance Program is to assist talented squash players and coaches to achieve their highest level of performance, while recognising the needs for both players and coaches to have balanced lifestyles.   

This will be accomplished by:   
Developing comprehensive and effective training programmes
Developing and utilising resources to enhance training programmes
Providing appropriate competitive opportunities for players and appropriate development opportunities for coaches
Encouraging the early identification of talented players and coaches   

The Board of Squash Bay of Plenty manages the Performance Program. The Coaching Director, in conjunction with coaches and team managers, are responsible for implementing it.  For more information see the adjacent link to the current Performance Booklet.

BOP Junior Squads

Players from around the BOP region are identified by our selectors and offered a position in our junior squads where we aim to provide a base of technically, tactically, physically and mentally prepared players from which BOP teams can be selected

Our structure consists of four levels:

Bay Rollers: An open-invite squad of kids from around the Bay to give kids access to top level coaching in a squad structure

Development: A development group of mainly 15 & under kids who may represent the region in the future and are committed to squash.

Elite: Elite juniors who are being prepared for representative honours. 

Senior Squad: Our Elite players both senior & junior. (May be combined with the Elite Junior Squads)

2021 Squash BOP Selectors (Junior & Senior):

Robbie Wyatt (head selector)
Graeme Randolph
Lyndon Templeton


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