Squash is a sport for everyone! 
It is gender-neutral and is accessible to all ages, colours and beliefs. Everyone can play… all you need is a racquet and ball, and access to a squash court.  You can get started instantly, as long as you can hit the ball with the racquet in the direction of the front wall.  Squash has a learning curve that rewards as equally as it challenges.  Squash is a sport that is easy to play, but where achieving greatness must be the result of hours of training on fitness and technique.  It is enthralling, exciting, absorbing, rewarding.

Squash burns up to 1500 calories per hour in a competitive, fun environment that delivers significant health benefits in as little as half an hour.

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Women's Beginner Tournaments

These events are open to all women, regardless of ability.  They are a great way to have a go at squash alongside other beginners.  Check out our Facebook page for more information. Give it a try - you will be hooked!

Our Top 10 Squash Tips for Beginners!

  1. Warm up.  Don’t rush into playing without an adequate warm-up. A good warm-up not only helps prevent common strains or sprains but also greatly increases the range of motion around joints. By improving the muscle elasticity around your joints you will increase your reach, bend deeper and be able to lunge further.

  2. Make sure your grip is correct.  You want to have a neutral grip that allows you to hit both the forehand and backhand from the same grip. There should be a V shape that runs between your thumb and forefinger. Your forefinger should extend up the shaft of the racket giving you extra control of the racket head. 

  3. Make sure your serve hits the side wall. If you’re able to hit a high serve that hits the side wall before dropping into the back corner, you will cause your opponent lots of problems. The backhand volley is one of the most difficult shots in the game and serve gives you a real chance to put your opponent under lots of pressure from the first shot of the rally. 

  4. Hit the open space. If you can hit the ball where your opponent isn’t then you’re going to make them run!  Sounds simple, but they can't get it back if they are not there.

  5. In between shots, where possible, try and make your way back to the ‘T’.  The 'T' is the centre of the court where the front line and half-court line meet.  This is a great strategic point and positioning yourself here will allow you to do as little running around the court as possible. This is the best position available to be prepared for your next shot.

  6. Volley more.  Volleying takes time away from your opponent and allows you to stay closer to the T. Learn to volley and try to take the opportunities whenever you can. 

  7. Learn how to return serve properly.  Start with an open stance facing the front wall and watch your opponent whilst standing approximately 1 racket length away from the corner of the service box. This starting position allows you to watch where the ball is going and then transfer weight into the shot. 

  8. Play with the right ball for your level.  There are different balls that bounce to varying degrees. The pro ball should only be played with when you can hit it hard enough to warm it up and make it bounce properly. 

  9. Get along to a Club Night near you.  Most clubs in the BOP have one night a week where non-members are welcome to come along and have a crack.  It's a great way to meet new people and get some tips.  See out Clubs page for a club near you.

  10. Join a club and get graded!  It's not a scary as it sounds.  Many clubs have a monthly membership option so you aren't having to shell out hundreds of dollars before you start.  Before you know it you will be hooked, and want to get graded and start playing interclub and tournaments



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