This competition is a real gem! It remains one of the most popular events on the calendar. It provides an opportunity for every player, regardless of grade, to compete to be a national champion! It is a great way to improve your squash, set goals, and make lifelong friends.

The District and National Super Champs events are played to identify the strongest club in the country for each grade. Teams are composed of five players per club that are in the same grade (B, C, D, E and F/J for both men and women). 

At the District Super Champs Eliminations clubs in a single district play off to find the district champion in each grade. The district champion is then eligible to travel to the National Super Champs finals to play off for the national title. Teams contest ties in round-robin and/or knockout format, with the team that wins three or more matches declared the winner.

You must be on the official 7 June grading list in the grade you intend to compete, and for the club you intend to represent - NO EXCEPTIONS.  If a club does not have enough players in one grade to enter a team, they can apply for a composite team by submitting them to Squash BOP by 17 May 2024.  There are strict guidelines for composite teams, please see rules document below for Composite Team Form.  

Summary of Important Dates 2024

17 May: Deadline for Composite Team applications

7 June: Official Grading List produced for eligibility/seeding

10 June: Entries Close/Deadline for Venue Requests

14 June: Draws Published/ Grading List for Playing Order

17 June: Playing Order Grading List

21-23 June: Superchamps Regional Eliminations

18-21 Sept: Superchamps Nationals


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