Refereeing is a critical aspect of our sport.  All players in our sport are required to referee at competitive events, hence the need to provide referee training and resources for all players.  Squash BOP is committed to providing a robust program for referee development in the region, and as part of that a Refereeing Plan has been developed. 

The plan will be implemented by the Squash BOP Regional Manager, with support from the BOP Refereeing Director, and our current national & district referees.

BOP Refereeing Director
Becky Clarke
021 175 8127

Bay of Plenty Referees

Becky ClarkeDevoy  National Referee / BOP Refereeing Director
Jan McAraMountNational Refere
Ross McCurranDevoyDistrict Referee
Michel Galloway DevoyDistrict Referee
BJ McKenzieDevoyDistrict Referee
Kathryn McKayWhakataneDistrict Referee
Marcus NilesDevoyDistrict Referee
Paul CarterTaupoDistrict Referee
Wai SylvesterDevoyDistrict Referee

NZ Referee Pathway

There is a clear pathway for refereeing in NZ.  Support is offered to anyone who is interested in progressing their refereeing, and its a rewarding experience.  If you are interested in furthering yourself as a referee, contact us today!

Step 1: Club Referee
Step 2: District Referee
Step 3: National Referee
Step 4: Regional Referee
Step 5: World Referee

For more information about the NZ referee pathway, click here

Club Refereeing

What can your club do?

Appoint a refereeing leader in your club.  
This person would act as a leader in the refereeing space and drive referee development in your club.  Ideally they would qualify as a District Referee (but not necessarily), they would help new players to the club with refereeing, help out by mentoring at interclub/tournaments, and potentially run rules nights for the club.  The Refereeing Director would be happy to help this person out by up-skilling them in any way they need.  We can also provide a rules night template for them.

Run a Rules Night
If your club wants to run a rules night please get in touch with our Refereeing Director.  

Encourage members to complete club referee exam
All interclub players are expected to complete this exam, but it is valuable for all members.  It can be found at  You could even make at a requirement for graded members, or offer an incentive.

Identify potential District Referees
If you have anyone you think might be keen to become a District Referee, let us know.   See a link below to the BOP District Referee Position Description


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