Interclub to Restart

Squash BOP is pleased to announce that the 2020 interclub season is set to restart.  With the loss of the Autumn round due to the lockdown, this will be the first interclub of the season for the Bay.  After a long hiatus from the game, players will be keen to get back to competitive squash and reconnect with mates from other clubs.

The 11-week competition will start on 22 June for Women, and 23 June for Men, with the finals set for 31 August/1 September.  Divisions will be made up of 6 teams where possible.

With the current health & hygiene measures required in all clubs, we are advising against the traditional post-match supper for the time-being to make hosting interclub more manageable for clubs.  Players will also need to ensure they follow all H&S and contact tracing procotols at the club they are playing at.  

For the full interclub rules, go to our interclub page


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