COVID Update

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all Squash Clubs are currently closed.  As per the government's guidelines, while we are at Alert level 3 & 4 all public facilities must be closed.  We are hopeful that if we move to Alert Level 2, we will be able to re-open clubs on a very limited basis.  We will be following the Government's guidelines when they are updated.  

See below for the current Alert Levels and how they affect Squash.  Please note: These guidelines may change on any given date, depending on what new information is released by the government in their daily briefing, but we hope it will give clubs some ideas and starters for what will need to be done upon reopening when that happens.  We will communicate any information that comes to hand that vastly differs from the document as soon as possible.

The full squash-specific COVID-19 guidelines can be found on the SNZ website - https://squashnz.co.nz/for-clubs/covid-19.cfm


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