Discover Squash for Women

Squash is keen to attract new players and it ticks all the boxes for women looking to get fit, have fun, and socialise with friends.

The sporting market is a crowded one.  There are a multitude of options for those looking to play sport and each offering has their own unique benefits.  Let’s be honest, Squash doesn’t exactly have the ‘sexiest’ reputation.  When you think squash you probably have an image of sweaty middle-aged men in tiny white shorts bashing a ball around in a cold concrete room.  That’s far from the reality.  Squash in NZ is played in vibrant welcoming clubs around the country by people from all walks of life.  Squash is a fun, fast and exciting sport that is easy to learn and can be played all year-round - no matter your age, skill level or gender.  Research has shown that playing an equivalent of 30 minutes of squash can burn 517 calories.  This means squash is the perfect sport to provide lifelong total well-being - no matter if you are five, thirty five or sixty five.  Fair warning though - It is one of those sports that once you try it, you will be hooked. 

This year Squash BOP is keen to promote our sport to women.  Various opportunities will be promoted to new and existing players to get down to your local club and have a crack.  The first of which is a 2 hour ‘have a go’ session at the Devoy Squash & Fitness Centre in Tauranga.  It is a free session to learn about the game and have a try.  Coaches will be on hand to guide you through to game and give you tips to get started.   It will be held on 3rd March at 2pm.  What are you waiting for?  Register today!!

There is also a new tournament series starting on 17 March which is aimed and new and low graded adult women.  This four-event series is proudly supported by Intimo and NZ Home Loans and player ill have a chance to win fabulous prizes from the sponsors.  Each event is only $10 to enter and it will include other ladies who have never played before so there are no excuses!

For more information on the above, or if you want to know more about our sport – contact Marcus admin@squashbop.co.nz or 021 0466383


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