Superchamps Venues Allocated

This year a whopping 50 teams from around that Bay will fight it out to represent the region in what has been dubbed “the best event in Squash” over the weekend of August 10-12. 

For those who don’t play squash, the name ‘Superchamps’ probably doesn’t mean much.   And the name doesn’t give too much away as to the format of this very popular annual event.  But for those who are involved in the sport, they will know of the competitions fundamental importance to many players and clubs around the country.

The format is simple… It is a competition to find the best club team in each grade in the country.  Its simplicity is possibly one of the reasons it is a cornerstone event on the calendar.  In many clubs it is a source of motivation for a majority of competitive players.  For so many players it is the event that got them hooked on Squash, and for some it is the main reason they continue to play the game. 

Why is it so popular?  There are many reasons, not least of which is the opportunity for participants in an individual sport to experience the amazing benefits of belonging to a team and contributing to the success of your local club.  The other main factor must be that it is accessible to everyone.  No matter whether you have just picked up a racket, or you have been playing for 40 years, you have a legitimate chance to become a national champion.

Firstly teams from around the Bay of Plenty fight it out for the right to represent the region.  Once the winners are decided, they are off all around the country where each grade (B, C, D, E, F/J) is hosted by a different region in September each year.  Teams typically are formed early in the season and train for as long as 6 months leading up to nationals.

Taneatua Squash Club in the Eastern BOP is a proud country club with a small loyal membership, but this year they are set to burst onto the Superchamps scene and break all club records with an impressive 6 teams competing.  Strong membership growth has helped the resurgence in their competitive numbers, and their club spirit will see them foot it with the big clubs come August 10. 

Superchamps District Eliminations Venues:

B Men5Mt Maunganui
B Women6Whakatane
C Men8Devoy Squash & Fitness
C Women2Devoy Squash & Fitness
D Men5Tokoroa
D Women5Edgecumbe
E Men6Geyser City
E Women5Katikati
F/J Men3Geyser City
F/J Women5Devoy Squash & Fitness


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