Doubles Interclub

Doubles is a fast-growing format and many clubs are reporting plenty of activity.  Squash BOP has decided to run a short, sharp Doubles interclub during July to give players an opportunity to play the format against the other clubs in the region.

Winter Doubles Interclub will start on 8 July and will run on 4 consecutive Sundays, scheduled to avoid local tournaments.  Play will start at 3pm, with each team playing twice each Sunday.  

It is open to all players of any grade and divisions will be mixed gender.  Each division will play at the same venue which will be determined by the spread of the players entered.  Teams are entered by each club.  

There is no requirement to have played doubles before, so enter now to see what the fuss is about.  Eyewear is recommended, especially for those new to the format.

Visit our Interclub page to see full rules


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