2017 Regional Superchamps Results

The first step is complete.  Around the Bay last weekend, teams from many BOP clubs battled it out on the court for the right to represent the region at the Superchamps nationals in September.  Now those who have emerged from the pack will start the real hard work as they build up to nationals around the country.In what is widely regarded as the best event in squash, teams of 5-7 players from each club fought it out to be the regions champion in each grade from B-F/J.  As always it was fiercely contested with club and Bay pride at stake.  All the on court competitiveness was balanced with some amazing camaraderie off the court between all the teams.  Reports of some fantastic sportsmanship as well as some raucous socializing between the teams is commonplace.  There really is a cool spirit of Bay pride around our clubs.In a huge increase on previous years, 50 teams lined up this year around the Bay.  The biggest increase was in the F/J Women's competition, where 7 aspiring teams faced off for the right to head to Nationals.  Regional Titles were shared around this year with seven clubs winning titles.  That's a fantastic result and really shows that this year, the talent is spread around our awesome region!BOP Superchamps Eliminations Results 2017:

 GradeWinnerRunner Up
B Women
Te PukePutaruru
B MenKatikati  Devoy
C WomenTaneatuaTaupo
C MenDevoyTaupo
D WomenTaupoPutaruru
D MenMountTaupo
E WomenKatikatiDevoy
E MenTe PukeDevoy
F/J WomenGeyserWhakatane
F/J MenMountTe Puke


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