Bay of Plenty's Women Triumph: Victory at Inter-District Championships

The recent Inter-District Team Championships witnessed an exceptional display of talent and determination, as Squash Bay of Plenty Women's Senior team emerged as the champions. Comprising an outstanding lineup featuring Winona-Jo Joyce, Lauren Clarke, Emma Merson, Katie Templeton, and Ella Hill, guided by their coach, Becky Clarke, this triumph was a testament to their unwavering commitment and teamwork.


Throughout the championship, the Bay of Plenty women exhibited remarkable sportsmanship. They rose to the occasion when it mattered most, supporting each other both on and off the court. Their conduct was nothing short of exemplary, reflecting positively on their team and the entire Bay of Plenty community.


Coach Becky Clarke expressed her pride in her team, stating, "We are very lucky to have such a lovely group of players, and I'm very fortunate to have been given the opportunity by Squash Bay of Plenty to coach them. It's an experience I will cherish forever."


In the final showdown, the Bay of Plenty women played with unmatched determination. They fought for every point, relentlessly chased and ran, never giving up, and kept chipping away at their opponents. It was a display of sheer tenacity that led them to clinch the championship title, their fourth in five years.


One standout moment was Ella Hill's heroic performance in the crunch match against a seasoned opponent. Ella faced the challenge of winning in three, a daunting task that she executed with precision and skill, securing a pivotal victory for Bay of Plenty. Ella, the youngest member of the team, marked her first senior BOP cap selection with this outstanding performance.


The championship also witnessed the Bay of Plenty men's team putting up an impressive display, finishing fourth overall. With a young and promising team, they came tantalizingly close to reaching the finals, demonstrating immense potential for future success.


In the overall standings, the men secured a respectable fourth place, with Canterbury taking the top spot. Meanwhile, the women's team's remarkable victory crowned them champions, following a thrilling victory over Northland in a hard-fought match that was ultimately decided in Bay of Plenty's favour on games count back.


Bay of Plenty's success at the Inter-District Team Championships is a testament to the commitment and talent of their players and the dedicated coaching of Becky Clarke. It's a moment of pride for the entire Bay of Plenty community and sets the stage for even greater achievements in the world of squash. Congratulations to the Bay of Plenty women's team for their outstanding victory, and to the men's team for their commendable performance!




BOP 4 vs Canterbury 0

BOP 4 vs Midlands 0

Semi-Final: BOP 4 vs Waikato 0

Final: BOP 2 vs Northland 2 (8 – 7 on games count back)


 BOP 3 vs Northland 1

BOP 3 vs Eastern 1

Canterbury 2 vs BOP 2

3vs 4 Playoff: BOP 1 vs Auckland 3

** Photos Courtesy of Squash New Zealand


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